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Morley map

A map of Morley.

The Isle of Morley is a book found in Dishonored.


[Excerpt from a volume on Morley geography and culture]

It’s said that the history of Morley is as colorful as a quilt made from all the flags ever flown and all the clothes ever worn. The land itself hides from the sun under a layer of clouds, and thick gray moss hangs from the trees, but the spirit of the people who live in Morley dances like the firelight.

Among the people, the love of good food and drink is legendary, with stews and roasted meat dishes most often used to fight off the cold and the dreariness. The nation has a rich tradition of poets, musicians and philosophers, even among the poorest folk. Intellectual tomes and bar songs alike were often penned in Morley.

A late entry into the Empire, the Morley Insurrection is still a sore point for many natives, and independence is a proud character trait among the people.


This book can be found on Pratchett's bed on the third floor of his house during the mission The Royal Physician.