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A map of Gristol.

The Isle of Gristol is an unused book from Dishonored and is partially quoted in Dishonored: The Return of Daud.


[Excerpt from a volume on the geography and culture of Gristol]

Known for its rolling green hills and foggy meadows, Gristol is the largest of the Isles and is home to half the population of the known world. While most are simple people living in rural areas where sheep, blood oxen and gazelle are raised for their hides and meat, there are also five major cities spread out across the nation. Notably, the capital city of Dunwall is located at the southern end of Gristol.

In general, the people of Gristol are a merry, hard-working lot, fond of fish dishes, sheep pies and beer. The Abbey of the Everyman has a strong presence in Gristol, with the faithful congregating weekly and for all significant religious holidays. The Imperial Navy, while made up of men from across the Isles, is well regarded in Gristol, where some families hold to the tradition of enlisting at least one boy from each generation, back for long years.

In addition to farming, shipping and the whaling trade, there are several large mines scattered across Gristol, each controlled by one of the more established aristocratic families, such as the Boyles, Pendletons, or Brimsleys.


  • This book was cut from the game, but its transcript can be found in the text files.
  • It is also featured in Dishonored: The Dunwall Archives as part of an extensive collection of texts from both Dishonored and its DLC.
  • In The Return of Daud part of the first paragraph is quoted at the beginning of Chapter 14.