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Front view of the Hound Pits.

The Hound Pits Pub is a drinking establishment owned by Farley Havelock and, as the headquarters of the Loyalist Conspiracy, acts as the central hub for Dishonored.


The Loyalists use the Hound Pits as their base, and Corvo Attano utilizes the space to prepare for missions.

The three-hundred-year-old building, situated in the Old Port District, consists of four stories. The pub itself is on the first floor, along with the two-story brewery and wine cellar. On the second floor are bedrooms, one of which serves as the servants' quarters. The third floor is bricked off and inaccessible. The attic is on the fourth floor and consists of three rooms. It also has roof access and a makeshift walkway connected to the nearby ruined tower. The basement provides access to the sewers.

Before the pub was closed due to the plague, hound fighting matches took place regularly in the basement beneath the pub.[1] Advertisements for the matches can be found on surrounding structures, and a room with a large cage and a scoreboard can be found in a separate building on the property.

During the low chaos ending, Samuel and Corvo can be seen at the pub. Samuel is serving drinks to some customers, implying the pub was reopened. Its fate in the high chaos ending is unknown.



Food Menu
For the Month of Nets

- Jellied Eels (Fresh, Not Canned!) - 12 coins -
- Brined Hagfish - 8 coins -
- Grilled Whale - 15 coins -
- Blood Sausage - 11 coins -
- Pickled Quail Eggs - 8 coins for 3 -
- Dark Bread - 8 coins -

Our Specialty Drinks
For Your Pleasure and Ease of Mind

- Hound Pits Draft - 6 coins -
- Mulled Cider - 8 coins -
- Sugared Wine - 3 coins -
- Dunwall Brand Whiskey - 10 coins -
- Emerald Absinthe (Served in a Mouth-blown Crystal Glass with Reservoir) - 12 coins -


  • The Hound Pits lies in ruins 14 years after the end of the Rat Plague.[2]
  • The developers struggled in designing the pub's interior due to its size. The first iteration was smaller and in Edwardian style, and the last iteration was judged too labyrinthine with too many stairs and rooms. They eventually decided to brick up the third floor to keep it from being too confusing.[3]
  • The pub was once part of a larger structure and had a second tower. According to the level architects, it was originally a house bought from a lord, with some parts being reused as the Hound Pits pub.[4]
  • There are many hidden items in and around the Hound Pits, such as the expensive rewire tool.
  • The Hound Pits was once apparently known for its fresh blood ox stew.
  • According to the Heart, the wine is topped off with river water.[5]
  • The Hound Pits uses five different maps during the game. The first four appear between each missions and vary with the time of day they are set with ("Morning," "Day," "Dusk," and "Night"). The last one is only featured in the penultimate mission, The Loyalists ("Assault") and has a few alterations compared to the other maps (for example, Admiral Havelock's room is empty).
  • If Corvo chooses to shatter the brewery skylights at any point before The Flooded District, they will be whole during The Loyalists.
  • According to Cecelia, the sheets on the beds in the pub were colorful at one point. A servant bleached them all trying to rid them of plague germs.
  • At one point during development, the pub was called the "Bear Pits" which was a homage to a location in Thief where bear fighting took place.[6]


Hound Pits Pub[]

Interior Rooms[]



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