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Whale slaughterhouse

The Greaves Whale House is a book found in Dishonored and Dishonored: The Corroded Man.


[Excerpt from a book on well-established companies in Dunwall]

In the early days, when the ships brought in the great, dead whales, men would slaughter them and reduce their blubber to oil in massive vats on the banks of the Wrenhaven. Small crews maintained their own vats, with workers specializing as fire tenders, slicers, gut-men, haulers or strainers.

Inevitably, once the demand went up, the businessmen moved in, wooing the best crews with promises of better pay and safer conditions. The warehouses went up at the edges of the Rudshore Financial District almost overnight. None was more organized, or as some would say more ruthless, than the Greaves Whale House, opened by Ebenezer Greaves himself.

The Greaves Whale House grew rapidly, absorbing rivals until it dominated the trade. At its peak, the operation employed over 300 workers, not including the children who filled minor, and often tragic, roles. Those associated with the refinery were recognizable by their head-to-toe industrial leather uniforms and the masks they wore to protect against fumes.


  • In Dishonored, this book can be found on the top floor of the Greaves Refinery, on a shelf to the left of the entrance, during the mission, The Flooded District.
  • In The Corroded Man, the last paragraph is quoted at the beginning of Chapter 10.