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One of the many abandoned businesses.

This article is about the book on the Flooded District. You may be looking for the location or the mission.

The Flooded District is a book found in Dishonored.


[Excerpt from a report on Dunwall - By Abe Breen, City Watch]

Before the plague turned everything to shit, Rudshore was filled with barristers and money men, rushing around taxing each other and whatnot. Every guard in the Watch wanted that post, and there were classy women everywhere.

The whole place flooded years ago, just as the plague got real bad. People were sick and nobody was working, so the city let the dams go to rot. When the big one broke, I've heard tell, the river put it all under water. The swanky Chamber of Commerce was there, and so was the bloody Greaves Whale House.

Now, there's nothing but rats and gangs and who knows what. Last I heard, the Captain's been using it as a quarantine for weepers. You show one sign of the plague and it's 'your citizenship has been revoked.' Over the wall you go, into the water.


It can be found in Anton Sokolov's safehouse during the Royal Physician mission, on a table in the hallway leading to his quarters.