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Tallboys attacking weepers.

The Exquisite Tallboy is a book found in Dishonored.


[Excerpt from a letter of public concern by anonymous authors]

What you've read here is the truth, regardless of what you will hear from the "authorities" who rule over us. It is not a matter of coincidence that the former "Royal Spymaster" is the one who stepped in when the late Empress fell. We, who will remain nameless, believe that these events are interconnected.

The signs of oppression are all around us. The Sokolov designs, originally intended to provide light and warmth in our homes, have been turned against us as a means of inspiring fear and controlling our movements through the city. And where did this plague originate? Some say it was imported. A wild theory? Perhaps.

One of our members risked her life to obtain an internal report from the government, which we will be printing and sharing soon, called "The Exquisite Tallboy," extolling the virtues of this newest member of the City Watch.

To those in the streets below, these "virtues" are horrors, spread by stilted thugs who rain down fire on the sick and the poor. To these eyes, the tallboy is another government bully, armed with incendiary devices, thickly armored and standing high overhead, looking down at the common people of the city. We now know that the tallboys are heavily drugged, imbibing a substance that renders them resistant to pain, but also dulls whatever empathy they might normally possess. Exquisite? We think not.

Copy these words and share them with your neighbors. And remember, when the tides are lowest, the truth will be revealed.