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The Outsider and the Void.

The Essence of Eternal, by Polina Roszakova is a book found in Death of the Outsider.


[Excerpt from a treatise on the Void]

It is impossible to study the Outsider without also examining that desolate place which so exalts him. But it is a grave error to mistake one for the other.

True, the Void rests upon his shoulders. We know that he, like the Eye of the Dead God which grants us our knowledge, is both a focal point and a catalyst for its power. We know that he alone, bound there, obscures the true nature of that place from those who teem below in Karnaca and all of the isles beyond.

But the Void exists eternal, while he is but a figure the Envisioned placed there, in their wisdom. The Outsider is a static point, a truth upon which we build our foundations. But the Void is shifting, dynamic, a vast, ever-changing place which grasps at our world through every crack and fissure it can, from the wants of the living to the remains of the dead. We who cross the border see this hold on our very bodies. We who live upon the threshold know its nature.

The best word we have for it, perhaps, is 'hunger'.


The book can be found in the Cult's hideout during the mission A Hole in the World.