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"Captain Roebin and his top officers [...] ran them all through with blade and pistol shot."

The Eradication of Black Sally is a book found in Dishonored and The Knife of Dunwall.


[Excerpt from a popular story of crime and daring - By Jules Roebin and the City Watch]

Before Slackjaw ran the streets in the Distillery District, there was no boss more ruthless, violent or dedicated to squeezing the average citizens for coin than Black Sally.

Like so many from Morley, she was pale-skinned and green-eyed, with hair as black as the Void. They say that she started young, and as a girl she'd stun a man with her looks, coming upon him in an alley, then smile a one-sided smile and suddenly run him through with a knife. She'd have his money and be on her way before he breathed his final breath.

As a boss, she was worse, ruling over the meanest street gang Dunwall had seen up to that time. Her operation touched everything from shipping to prostitution. She even had a racket going with the Bakers' Guild. A finger in every pie, indeed.

One man, Watch Captain Jules Roebin, made it his mission to stop her, and kept the case going for half a decade. Black Sally met her end when Roebin had his men light smoke fires in barrels, near the warehouse where she hid out during the day. As she and her gang rushed to the streets, terrified the building was burning, Captain Roebin and his top officers threw nets over them and ran them all through with blade and pistol shot.



  • As Slackjaw has Black Sally listed as a customer in his Elixir Accounts, it can be surmised that reports of her death were greatly exaggerated.
    • It is notable that Jules Roebin, the man credited with the capture of Black Sally, is also the author of the book.