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Brigmore Witches 11

Trimble and his primary patient.

The Effects of Whale Oil on the Gastric Humors, Vol 2 is a book found in The Brigmore Witches.


[Excerpt from a natural philosopher's notes on the effects of whale oil on gastrointestinal function]

My primary patient is no longer mobile. A loss of bone density coupled with the amount of organ maintenance that I have to perform on a daily basis means that he will be bound to a chair or bed for the foreseeable future.

While this greatly agitated the subject at first, he quickly grew too fatigued to offer further protest. I cleared a room close to my lab, but with access to the mill so he could continue to give orders.

Update: After 3 weeks of regression, the yellowish sores have reappeared around implantation site C. I was holding out hope for full recovery, as the highest concentration of whale oil was pumped into this site in particular.


It can be found in Nurse Trimble's lab by the stairs during the mission The Dead Eels.