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Brigmore Witches 11

Trimble and his subject.

The Effects of Whale Oil on the Gastric Humors, Vol 1 is a book found in The Brigmore Witches.


[Excerpt from a natural philosopher's notes on the effects of whale oil on gastrointestinal function]

One benefit of this plague is the abundance of unclaimed bodies readily available to the inquisitive medical mind. I have been able to stimulate gastric function in addition to other organ activity through infusions of whale oil and the application of electrical impulses. I believe that such treatments could be applied to the living, and that it might prolong life indefinitely.

When my process is applied to the stomach and intestinal systems, digestion does in fact still occur, though the end product must be evacuated through the stomach through tubing and processed by my machinery before being recirculated to the appropriate organs. This was a tricky solution to come across, and my first inclination was to break the food down myself and bypass the natural processes altogether.

My subject has indicated that he no longer has a sense of taste, but that might be a mercy given what I'm feeding him these days.


It can be found at the Drapers Ward Textile Mill in Nurse Trimble's lab during the mission The Dead Eels.