The Duchess In Green, By Douglas Harwickle, Historian is a book found in Dishonored 2.


Much has been written on Theodanis Abele and his sons. But in her own quiet way the Duchess Callas Abele made contributions to Serkonos that will never be forgotten. A collector of artwork, she commissioned the painting "Radanis Abele's Incongruence with Time", from Anton Sokolov. It was a tribute to her late son, Radanis, who died at the hands of a deranged street scoundrel while studying abroad.

The Duchess Abele was also an architect and busied herself with projects as varied as the building of the Orphans of Seafarers Academy and the installation of the marble flooring in the original ducal palace. The marble was a gift to the Abele family from the late Empress Jessamine Kaldwin, who had the stone quarried from the cliffs of Redmoor. However the ducal residence was razed to make room for the new palace constructed under the direction of Luca Abele. Substantially, all of the artworks and treasures from the old residence were lost or destroyed.

Callas was a private person, and rarely made public appearance. She died in her fifty seventh year, after a tragic fall from a balcony.


This book can be found in multiple locations throughout Dishonored 2:

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