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The City Barrister.

The City Barrister is a book found in The Knife of Dunwall.


[Excerpt from a series of profiles about Dunwall's key figures]

While the keen-minded barristers of the Legal District have always played a vital role in the health of the capital city of Dunwall and the Empire of the Isles at large, the dreaded Rat Plague has elevated the desperate need for their services. With so many disputes related to abandoned estates, or entire industrial companies left leaderless after the deaths of everyone in the controlling family, shareholders and investors, and even workers themselves, are often in need of the postmortem legal advice and guidance than can only come from scholarly men such as Arnold Timsh. We are all in their debt.

Thus there is no surprise in the Lord Regent's recent appointment of Timsh to the newly created position of City Barrister. Among Timsh's responsibilities is serving as liaison to the Dead Counters of the City Watch. Once the plague has been found in a home or once it has devastated a business, it falls on Timsh to divvy the assets left behind, awarding them to the state if no one survives with legal claim to the funds or property. This is, of course, not a light matter. Therefore it falls to one above moral question, and that man is Barrister Arnold Timsh.

With regard to more personal matters, it is true that Timsh is not a great socialite, as some have noted. However, in recent seasons his niece Thalia has made headway toward correcting this, throwing lavish parties and earning the favor of some of Dunwall's great families, including the Boyles. To date, young lady Thalia is unwed, and though several times there have been rumors of impending marriage, all of these thus far have been proven to be mere social gossip.

Also unsubstantiated are the absolutely-false whispers of conflict between uncle and niece, no doubt spread by those ill-tempered and ill-bred louts who are jealous of the rising Timsh name.


It can be found on the first floor of Timsh's home in one of the lawyers' offices.