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Destroy charms

Destroyed bone charms.

The Bone Charm Situation is a book found in Dishonored and Dishonored: The Corroded Man.


[Excerpt from a report to the Office of the High Overseer - By High Overseer Gerard]

I was asked, should we not tolerate the possession of simple bone charms among the populace? Surely this is a trivial matter, merely a cultural practice seen across the Isles? Not as terrible as the creation and coveting of more complex occult runes?

Such an insidious question.

This foolish distinction weakens our mission while the stench of the Outsider grows thick around us.

Perhaps, as some claim, our ancestors tolerated these cursed practices during the times before our modern Empire arose, to ease the lives of the lowliest serfs as they paved the roads to civilization. But there is no excuse for witchery in this brighter industrial age.

Having adjudicated the trials of many heretics myself, I swear that their eyes, as the clarity of pain took their lives, were grateful to be liberated.


  • In Dishonored, this book can be found on the table in Workshop A in the Back Yard during the mission High Overseer Campbell.
  • In The Corroded Man, the first paragraph and next sentence are quoted at the beginning of Chapter 16.


  • In The Corroded Man, "bone charm" in the text and title of the book is spelled "bonecharm" in accordance to the new spelling introduced in Dishonored 2.