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The industrialized skyline of Dunwall, circa 1837.

The Blight of the Cobblestone is a book found in The Brigmore Witches.


[Excerpt from street pamphlet, drafted by anonymous intellectuals]

Action is necessary if the Empire is to stand against the juggernaut of what is commonly called industrial process. The momentum of this hungry beast requires equal vigor simply to halt its destructive advance. No action against the industrialization of our nation-states can be deemed too extreme when we understand what is at stake.

The advancement of industry infects every aspect of our lives, and hazardous conditions assault the citizens of Dunwall daily. Workers are treated as disposable cogs in the machine, sacrificing their lives in the name of faster construction, mass assembly and greater profits. Should those of us in opposition to these trends not sacrifice themselves in the fight against our unfeeling oppressor?

Will we be satisfied when our children ask what a pasture is, and the best we can do is to point to a cobblestone street, black with the filth of mechanical production? Will we struggle in the coming years to recall a time when we actually made our pies by hand, or baked bread in the ways of our grandmothers?

What is at stake today are our very cultures, from the cold north of Tyvia down through Morley and Gristol, all the way to the warm south of Serkonos. All men and women with a love for our ways must stand against these changes.


It can be found on the floor in the chest room on the third floor of Brigmore Manor in the mission Delilah's Masterwork.