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The Black Friar.

The Black Friar is a defunct hotel in the city of Dunwall, encountered during the mission Eminent Domain.

Found in the Legal Disrict Waterfront, the Black Friar is located on Lackrow Boulevard in between Smoke Street and Bloodox Way. 

The Black Friar is a tall brick red building consisting of five floors plus an attic. The ground floor consists of two hallways leading to either of the two entrances, a stairway leading up, and the remnants of a small eating area. The floors above consist of a single apartment each.

The Knife of Dunwall[]

Prior to the events of The Knife of Dunwall, the Black Friar, like most locations in the Legal District Waterfront, has become abandoned as the residents fled the area. Shortly thereafter, the hotel became the primary base of operations for the Hatters Gang members operating in the Legal District. 

When Daud arrives in the area to deal with Arnold Timsh, the City Barrister of Dunwall, the Hatters Gang have already set up defenses around the building, including a wooden fence cutting off direct access to the side entrance, and traps placed inside an abandoned apartment leading to the hotel from Treaver's Close.

Once inside, the bottom three floors can be accessed as they are used by the Hatters as sleeping quarters. The upper two floors as well as the attic are inaccessible, however, due to broken furniture and heavy debris blocking the stairway leading up to them.


  • Five Hatters are usually found guarding the building during the events of Eminent Domain.
  • During low chaos, the deceased figure of Chauncy will be found lying on a bed on the third floor. He will not be there during high chaos.
    • If Chauncy is found at the Black Friar, the key to the Legal Plaza will be sitting on a stand on the second floor.
  • Despite the fact that they are trying to remain hidden, the Hatters make the mistake of lighting one of the stoves in the Black Friar. This is evidenced by the smoke that rises from one of the chimneys on the roof. The only other building in the area giving off smoke from the chimneys is the one housing the detachment of the City Watch across the street.