Benjamin Holger statue

A bust of Benjamin Holger, who was killed during the Siege of White Cliff.

The Abbey of the Everyman is a book found in DishonoredThe Knife of Dunwall and Dishonored 2.


[Excerpt from a larger work on the history of the Overseers]

The Abbey of the Everyman is the seat of religious power and inspiration for all Overseers across the Empire. The order arose over the years to protect the common people from the ravages of the Outsider, until the need for a central bastion of authority was deemed necessary. This imposing structure is a destination for pilgrims seeking refuge or guidance.

Many mistakenly attribute the Abbey’s construction to High Overseer Benjamin Holger, when it was in actuality Holger’s successor John Clavering who laid the foundation. Shortly after the Abbey was completed, every Overseer in the land gathered there and began a trek to White Cliff.

There, a great siege commenced, as the Overseers purged the region. The battle raged against heretics, witches and thralls of the Outsider. Though Holger was killed in the struggle, White Cliff was cleansed and the ceremonial rites that followed lasted for a month, giving birth to many invocations and speeches which were inscribed in tomes and carried back to the Abbey, where they are still revered today.


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