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"You're threatening the wrong person. If I were you, I would strongly consider leaving while you still can."
—Thalia to a member of the Hatters

Thalia Timsh is a character in The Knife of Dunwall and the niece of barrister Arnold Timsh. She is involved in a major dispute with her uncle over the family fortune - to solve the dispute once and for all, she enlists Daud's services in exchange for financial compensation and information regarding Delilah.


Thalia is considered to be the most social member of her family, the Timshs, Viscounty Peers of Gristol. While her uncle Arnold was accumulating power and wealth through his work of Barrister, Thalia was playing in the social scene of Dunwall's upper class. The young noble was attending lavish parties at the Boyle Mansion and at the estates of other wealthy families, building connections among the nobility.[3]

This behavior puts her at odds with her uncle, a comparative shut-in, who condemns her socializing in the face of the rat plague sweeping the city. Thalia also takes great pride in her social status, regarding her uncle's attraction to Delilah with disdain, due in part to Delilah's social class.

Thalia largely behaves in an underwhelmed manner - for instance, reacting neutrally when she is threatened with death by Hatters. In addition, if Daud chooses to kill Arnold Timsh in the process of completing his mission, Thalia reacts with some sadness, but is otherwise detached.

The Knife of Dunwall[]

Thalia is first encountered being held prisoner by members of the Hatters Gang, telling the men that they are foolish for kidnapping her, as Daud will kill them before they can harm her. When Daud eliminates the Hatters, Thalia gives him a mission: eliminate her uncle and steal her ailing grandmother's last will and testament, so Thalia may take the Timsh fortune for herself.

When Daud has completed the task, Thalia reveals that the Delilah he is seeking is Delilah Copperspoon, a woman who once served as a baker's apprentice in Dunwall Tower before becoming an apprentice painter to Anton Sokolov. Thalia claims that her uncle became infatuated with Delilah, a fact which she seems to detest. She also explains that during a seance at the Boyle estate, she and various party guests saw an image of Delilah in the old Brigmore Manor, painting Daud's name onto a canvas.

When she has imparted the promised information, she tells Daud she will be "leaving soon," suggesting she departs from the city thereafter.

Dishonored Roleplaying Game[]

Thalia continued to rise among the Dunwall's upper class after her uncle was arrested and sentenced for life. She plays the social games of the aristocracy with a rather grim efficiency, and always knows what can profit her or her family. While she is generous with those who serve her interests, she will easily discard or even sacrifice those who are no longer useful to her.

She lives in the Estate District and aims for more influence and money over her peers, or intelligence to ruin her rivals. Yet despite her cold behavior, she is secretly fascinated by the supernatural since her encounter with Daud back in her youth.[2]


  • Thalia is voiced by Tricia Pierce.
  • She can be killed after giving Daud the information about Delilah; doing so does not affect gameplay.
  • aside from their masks, Thalia Timsh wears the exact same clothing as Ella Triss and Mattie in Lady Boyle's Last Party.



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