Test Subject 312.

"As for test subject 312, after the characteristic sloughing of the skin, she should be dead by mid-morning tomorrow."
—Anton Sokolov's report on Test Subject 312[1]

Test Subject 312 is a survivor being held captive by Anton Sokolov in his safehouse for the purpose of experimentation, as he searches for a cure for the rat plague. She can be met during the mission The Royal Physician.


When Corvo Attano reaches Sokolov's greenhouse, at the top he finds Sokolov making an audio recording about Test Subject 312, detailing the results of his tests on her. The particular elixir formula he gives her accelerates her illness considerably, and Sokolov states that she will be dead by the next morning.

After recording the audiograph, Test Subject 312 wakes up and ask Sokolov when she can leave. Sokolov tells her she will not die, but truthfully informs her that he will have the guards remove her from her cell by mid-morning the following day. He also tells her that he cannot give her any of his many pain remedies as they would interfere with his research.

Once Sokolov has been incapacitated, Corvo can free her from her cell, which will lower his chaos rating. She will thank Corvo, and then declare she is not feeling well, and go to sit in a corner where she will remain. If questioned, she gives standard survivor remarks. It is safe to presume that she dies soon after Corvo sets her free.


  • She is voiced by two different actresses: Susan Cash when talking to Sokolov, and Katherine Pawlak when talking to Corvo.
  • Like all of Sokolov's test subjects, her name and face still haunt his dreams.[2]



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  2. "In his dreams, he sees the names and faces of every subject he experimented on in the name of progress."

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