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Image Sourcing

All images uploaded to the Dishonored wiki must be sourced using the following template. Images that do not will be subject to deletion.


Copy and paste the following code into the image description when uploading new images. "Author" is an optional variable. "Source", "description", and "licensing" are required.

|description = 
|source      = 
|author      = 
|licensing   = 


Information on "Information"
Description Self-explanatory--a description of what is in the image.
Source The original source of the image. If the image is a screenshot or a render, list the game it comes from. If the screenshot or render was taken from another wiki or website (i.e. the Russian Dishonored Wiki,, etc.), please add an additional link leading to the original image. If it is concept art, list the original location where the art was taken from (i.e. a concept artist's webpage, the Dishonored Tarot Deck, etc).
Author/Artist The original artist. Screenshots and renders should be attributed to the development company i.e. Arkane Studios. Concept art should be attributed to the original artist when such information is available.
You must add a licensing template to every image. Available licenses and descriptions can be found below.

Types of Licenses

  • Images from Dishonored material (including games, promotional trailers, etc.)
  • Images from other games or books
    • {{Other}} – This licence should be used for images not covered by Cc-by-sa-3.0.
  • Images used with express permission
    • {{Express}} – This licence should only be used when said image has been permitted for use on the wiki by the original author of the media.

The above template and all associated licensing templates have been copied from The Assassin's Creed Wiki. The list of contributors to the code can be found by checking the page history here.

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