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Chained-up Martin.png|Martin in chains.
Chained-up Martin.png|Martin in chains on Holger Square.
Teague-Martin.png|Teague Martin in one of the rooms in the Hound Pits.
Teague-Martin.png|Teague Martin in one of the rooms in the Hound Pits.

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Teague Martin is a former Overseer of the Abbey of the Everyman, who became an agent for the Loyalists and was instrumental in breaking Corvo Attano out of Coldridge Prison. However, he was found by his fellow Overseers and captured.


During the mission "High Overseer Campbell", Corvo finds Martin chained in front of the Abbey, being taunted and insulted by another Overseer, Jasper. Once Jasper has been dealt with, Corvo must free Martin before continuing on to the Abbey. Once freed, Martin heads to the Hound Pits to begin working with the The Loyalist Conspiracy.

At the Hounds Pit Pub, he spends most of the time conversing with Farley Havelock and Treavor Pendleton. Later on, he is appointed to the position of High Overseer of the Abbey of the Everyman after exploiting the information in Thaddeus Campbell's blackmail journal.

Martin is also at the center of the plot to eliminate all evidence of the conspiracy. He helps Pendleton and Havelock deal with the Loyalists and follows them both to Kingsparrow Island, where they remain for the duration of Dishonored.


Low chaos

At the end of Dishonored, Martin is found dead at a table, along with Pendleton. As Havelock is nearby talking to himself, it can be presumed that he is the murderer of both of them due of guilt, with the cause of death being poison.

High chaos

At the end of Dishonored, Martin is seen on a catwalk where he engages in a dispute with Pendleton, to which he shoots at Pendleton and goes back to his base. If Martin notices Corvo's approach, he will pull out a pistol and hold himself hostage. He will then rant to Corvo about the events of the game. When he finishes talking he will commit suicide after expressing some regret.


  • If Corvo uses the Heart on Martin, it will reveal that he was a murderer and a robber before becoming a man of faith.
  • He is praised by Havelock to be a master strategist, and does live up to his name by deciding assassination targets and make good use of Campbell's journal.
    • Fittingly, Samuel describes him as a snake after the infighting on the Kingsparrow Island in high chaos instance.
  • As with all other assassination targets, if Corvo decides to kill Martin with his sword before Martin can commit suicide, a special animation will play. In it, Corvo will stab Martin in the stomach and he falls to the ground. He stands up to attack Corvo again, whereupon Corvo will slice his head off.
  • He is aware of the significance of the Outsider's Mark on Corvo's hand, while others simply show discomfort or ignore it.


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