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The Vice Overseer.

THE SILVER SPIKE — Vice Overseer Murdered! is a newspaper article found in Dishonored 2.


So the venerable Abbey of the Everyman confirmed that their leader here in Karnaca has been killed. Goodbye, Vice Overseer Liam Byrne. No friend of mine, but allegedly a true believer, favored to someday be High Overseer.

The Abbey boys have been clashing with Paolo and the Howlers in the Dust District, but look twice at anyone who tells you with a straight face that the Howlers are behind the Vice Overseer’s murder. Something else is going on, friends.

In any case, Byrne’s death has left the Abbey outpost in Batista in turmoil, with the mighty Overseers forced to abandon it, retreating from the area!

Their absence has made it possible for the Howlers to exert more control over the Dust District. Paolo has already started a whisper campaign promoting some of his people across the city, taking control of Karnaca a block at a time, telling rivals how it’s going to be. And it appears there is at least some part of our community that welcomes these developments.


The newspaper article can be found on the counter of the Winslow safe shop of the Palace District during the mission The Grand Palace, if Vice Overseer Byrne was killed and Paolo left untouched during the previous Dust District mission.