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Howlers by Xanvast

THE SILVER SPIKE – On Overseers is a newspaper article found in Dishonored 2.


[Your dear editor is stepping aside this week, to give you both sides of an argument raging across the city.]

Guest Editor: We don't need the Abbey!

Take heed, friends. The Abbey seeks to control our city and our lives. The Overseers are building chapels and outposts, taking advantage of the despair in the crumbling Serkonos, like our own infamous "Dust District."

You may have seen the sly propaganda from my learned rival, Sebastian Armitage, but consider with care. They Abbey will invade your homes looking for evidence of witchcraft or wrongdoing! And to them all manner of possessions are suspicious! They imprison and torture the innocent with the intent of extracting confessions! They frown on dancing, drinking, and gatherings! Are you prepared to abandon the Gleaners' Feast? Are you ready to submit completely, as they demand?

The Dust District can only be saved by the very people who have lived here all their lives, like me, like you, like Paolo and his Howlers, trying to make things better for us small people. Patrolling our streets, collecting and distributing resources to the ones in need. If more of us had Paolo's courage, maybe the Dust District could be called Batista again.

Maevous Anto


The newspaper article can be found on the briefing board aboard the Dreadful Wale after the mission The Royal Conservatory, and in a barber shop near the Overseer Outpost during the mission Edge of the World.