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THE SILVER SPIKE – On Howlers is a newspaper article found in Dishonored 2.


[Your dear editor is stepping aside this week, to give you both sides of an argument raging across the city.]

Guest Editor: The Howler Blight.

The letter published last week by the Gazette was an outrage. How could Madam Anto suggest that the Dust District and even Karnaca itself would be better off if we legitimized Paolo and his Howlers in any way? Instead, decent folk should hope to wake up one morning and read that Paolo is finally dead or in jail! And why should we "be wary" of the Abbey? Only a witch need worry about the wrath of the Overseers.

The Howlers are nothing but a bunch of cutthroats who never worked a day in their life. Everything they have, they stole. If you want their so-called protection, it comes at a price. On the contrary, the Overseers have dedicated their lives to spreading the good values of the Seven Strictures. Believe me, the dust in Batista is not in our streets, but in our hearts. And only the Abbey will make us clean again.

Sebastien Armitage


The newspaper article can be found in multiple locations during Dishonored 2: