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THE SILVER SPIKE – Empress Delilah's Secret is a newspaper article found in Dishonored 2.


Today, risking my very life, I bring you probing questions about our new Empress, Delilah Kaldwin. Or, depending on your political leanings, Delilah Copperspoon.

Is it true that her mother was a kitchen maid employed in Dunwall Tower? Even if so, that does not prove she was Emperor Euhorn Kaldwin's daughter! If the Emperor did in fact have a second, secret daughter, making her the true heir to the Kaldwin throne, why didn't he make the proper arrangements?

Outside speculation, what else do we know about our Empress Delilah? What can the Silver Spike tell you beyond marketplace gossip?

We can date her past, from the time she claims to have grown up in Jessamine's shadow. We know when Delilah's most regarded paintings were bought and sold. But where was she between those earlier times and this year, when she ascended the throne in Dunwall?

Such a long gap away is suspicious, is it not? No artwork sold, not even an address of record. No neighbors stepping forward with juicy tales from the long period before she arrived in Karnaca, just three years ago. Therein lies a mystery worth cracking, dear readers, her activities in the time before she was first seen with our dear Duke Luca Abele.


The newspaper can be found in multiple locations during the mission The Clockwork Mansion: