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Summon Assassin's ability icon.

Summon Assassin is a supernatural ability in The Knife of Dunwall and The Brigmore Witches. It allows Daud to summon an assassin, who will then attack any characters hostile to Daud in the immediate area; the abilities of the assassin depend on Daud's other abilities and his level of Arcane Bond. Summon Assassin consumes 40% of Daud's total mana.

Ability Tiers[]

Tier I - (1 rune)[]

With Tier I Summon Assassin, Daud can summon a novice assassin to attack foes.

Tier II - (5 runes)[]

With Tier II Summon Assassin, Daud can summon a master assassin to attack foes. Master assassins strike significantly harder and faster than novices.

Usage tips[]

  • Targeting a specific character while summoning allows Daud to set a priority target for the assassin.
  • Should Daud be caught, Summon Assassin can be used to distract enemies while Daud retreats or dispatches them.
  • Summon Assassin can be used to take out enemies without alerting enemies to Daud's presence; however surviving enemies will be on high alert after the assassin leaves the battle.
  • It is recommended to unlock and upgrade Arcane Bond, Vitality and Pull to Tier II; this will allow assassins to survive longer and dispatch enemies more easily.
    • However, if Daud does not intend to do battle himself, upgrading Pull is not recommended. This is because assassins will focus on holding enemies in place, which wastes time if Daud doesn't kill them.
  • It is also recommended for a stealthy playthrough to unlock and upgrade Arcane Bond, Bend Time and Shadow Kill to Tier II; this will allow the assassin to assume a more tactical role in killing enemies.
  • Each kill by an assassin counts as a kill by Daud.
  • Summoned assassins cannot be drop assassinated. However, Daud can land upon one and take no damage.

Related Bone Charms[]

  • Hearty Crew - Summoned assassins deal more damage.


  • When summoned out of combat, the assassin reveals information about the local area, similar to the Heart. The assassins' quotes can be found here.
  • Assassins are able to be identified individually by their names. A full list of names can be found here.
  • When an assassin is defeated, he will seemingly disappear by blinking.
  • A summoned assassin can be pulled and then subsequently killed by Daud.
  • Novice assassins are dressed in dark gray, while Master assassins wear dark blue outfits.
  • If Daud summons a second assassin after the original, the first one will disappear.