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Strength ability icon.

Strength is a passive supernatural ability in Dishonored 2 that increases the physical strength of Emily Kaldwin and Corvo Attano.


Ability Runes Previous upgrade Description
Strength 3 N/A Throw objects farther.
Greater Strength 2 Strength Break down weaker wooden doors with your sword.

Usage tips[]

  • With Strength, thrown bottles will be enough to, if they hit enemies in the head, knock them out in combat. Without Strength, bottles can only do this if the enemy is unaware of the user.
  • Strength can be very good for a stealthier playthrough, as bottles can be thrown further from the user than normal, distracting enemies from their patrols for longer.
  • Grenades, whale oil tanks and other thrown offensive items have increased range, allowing groups of enemies to be damaged from much further.
  • Greater Strength allows the user to break down wooden doors, sometimes preventing them from having to collect the key.
    • While this can also be done with a pistol, grenade etc, it is quieter than any of the alternate methods and does not use any resources. However, it is still loud enough to alert nearby enemies.
    • If a door can be broken down, it will be indicated in the pop-up text when the user looks at it.
  • If Emily has purchased The Red Siblings Masterwork upgrade for her pistol, Greater Strength is very helpful, as she does not have to use three bullets to break down a single door.


  • Strength is one of the three enhancements in Dishonored 2 that were not available in Dishonored. The others are Bonecharm Crafting and Reflexes.
  • In Dishonored, the bone charm Throwing Hand has the same effect as part of the basic level of Strength.