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Distillery bottle 1

Bottle Street in Dunwall.

In the Dishonored franchise there are many streets throughout Dunwall. The following is a list of known street names, sorted by district, along with their descriptions.

Distillery District[]

Bloodox Way[]

Blood Ox Way

Bloodox Way.

  • Off-shoot from Bottle Street; terminates in a dead end where Corvo finds Griff.
  • There is a Bloodox Way in the Legal District Waterfront, near the wall of light. It is unknown if this street is cut into two sections similar to Bottle Street or if this is an entirely new road altogether.

Bottle Street[]

Distillery district01

Bottle Street sign in the Distillery District.

Endoria Street[]

Endoria Street1

Endoria Street.

Gaff Street[]

Gaff Street

Gaff Street.

  • Alley off the second section of Bottle Street, which Corvo can use to bypass the second wall of light on foot.
  • This seems to be a dangerous area due to its remote location. Boo and three other Bottle Street Gang members ambush and kill a City Watch Guard at one point. Later, two corrupt City Guards stop and harass a servant working for an art dealer, trying to violently extort elixir from her.

John Clavering Boulevard[]

Poster Cluster4

Sign for John Clavering Boulevard between two billboards.

Main article: John Clavering Boulevard

Kaldwin's Bridge[]

Drawbridge Way[]

Drawbridge Way2

Drawbridge Way.

Midrow Substation[]


Midrow Substation.

  • The first section after crossing the drawbridge. It is the area with the three turning wheels and blocking off the North End by a wall of light.

North End[]

North End2

North End.

  • The street after passing the wall of light. Most of the buildings here are abandoned and many are in ruins. Sokolov's residence is located here.

Southside Gate[]

North End (SG)1

Southside Gate, here referred to as "North End".

  • The first area where Samuel drops Corvo off. The street is divided into two parts by a blocked gate.
  • According to the map of Kaldwin's Bridge, this street is called "Southside Gate". The street signs for this area, however, will read "North End".
    • This is probably a developmental oversight.

Estate District[]

Barcroft Court[]

Barcroft Court3

Barcroft Court.

  • Upon entering the map via Samuel's boat, Barcroft Court is the street running across the first bridge over the canal.

Greasely Boulevard[]

Greasely Blvd2

Greasely Boulevard.

  • Upon entering the map via Samuel's boat, Greasely Boulevard is the street running across the second bridge over the canal and leading into the courtyard of the Boyle Mansion.

Mintry Street[]

Mintry Street2

Mintry Street.

  • An alley connecting Greasely Boulevard and Barcroft Court, behind the building in which an Outsider shrine and a rune can be found.

Ogelsby Way[]

Ogelsby Way2

Ogelsby Way.

  • The street running parallel to the canal, next to the outer walls of the Boyle Mansion courtyard.
  • Lord Cesare Guillen lives at number 15.[2]

Rudshore Financial District[]

Agroosh Way[]

Agroosh Way2

Agroosh Way.

  • A mostly inundated street running under the bridge linking the rail station and the Greaves Refinery. The building in which Corvo is imprisoned at the start of the Flooded District mission is on this road. The Blanken family live on this road.[3]

Commerce Street[]

Commerce Street1

Commerce Street.

  • Located in Central Rudshore. It is an alley next to the Chamber of Commerce building. Two of the wolfhounds mentioned in this book can be found patrolling along this street.

Ebenazar Causeway[]

Ebenazar Causeway2

Ebenazar Causeway.

  • Agroosh Way runs into this street on a corner with some river krusts. This is one path Corvo can take if he chooses to retrieve his gear.

Jessamine Boulevard[]

Jessamine blvd

Jessamine Boulevard.

Old Mosley Canal[]

  • Mentioned in a book as a location, along with Thresh Street, where a barrier was put up to prevent bearers of the plague from leaving the Rudshore Gate area.

Pluckebaum Avenue[]

0 pluckebaum ave

Pluckebaum Avenue.

  • Located in Rudshore Gate, Pluckebaum Avenue bridges over the Old Mosley Canal. One of its alley leads to an overlook on Thresh Street.

Thresh Street[]

0 thresh st

Thresh Street.

  • Located near the Rudshore Gate. The tenement building in the side objective Creating a Safe Haven can be found along this road.
  • Mentioned in a book as a location, along with Old Mosley Canal, where a barrier was put up to prevent bearers of the plague from leaving the Rudshore Gate area.

Legal District[]

Bloodox Way[]

Bloodox way legal

Bloodox Way.

  • A short street that runs perpendicular to the Wrenhaven River in the Legal District Waterfront. A City Watch checkpoint and a wall of light are positioned here.
  • It is one of the few streets that has both white print on dark blue street signs and black on white ones.
  • There is also a Bloodox Way in the Distillery District. It is unknown if this street is cut into two sections similar to Bottle Street or if this is an entirely new road altogether.

Brambly Street[]

  • Crows Court is located off this street.

Crows Court[]

  • Simmons, a Watch Lower Guard, grew up near this area. The Forrestals live here, and their Estimated Liquid Assets are at 2,500 coin and their Property Value, 16,500 coin.[3]

Lackrow Boulevard[]

Lackrow blvd

Lackrow Boulevard.

  • The Black Friar, an abandoned hotel and base of operations for the Hatters Gang in the Legal District is located here.
  • Opposite the street of the Black Friar, the City Watch have set up a detachment of men at a Watch Office.
  • The manufacturer AudioLog is situated at 131 Lackrow Boulevard.

Pudding Street[]

Pudding st

Pudding Street.

  • The road running toward Legal Plaza; a gate is located here separating this area from the Waterfront. A wall of light can also be found here.
  • Simmons can be found valiantly guarding the area; it is along this street that he has interred a mysterious nobleman, later to be revealed as Wiles Roland, in an abandoned building.

Smoke Street[]

Smoke st

Smoke Street.

  • In the Legal District Waterfront, Smoke Street is a short side street that crosses Lackrow Blvd. Smoke Street itself leads up to a City Watch checkpoint that guards the gate to the Legal District Proper.
  • The Smoke Street Dice Hall is mentioned by the loudspeakers in the game to be one of a number of businesses in Dunwall that have closed due to the plague. Due to its name, it is assumed the dice hall was located on Smoke Street.[4]

Treaver's Close[]

Treavers Close2

Treaver's Close.

Drapers Ward[]

Millenary Canal[]


Millenary Canal.

Water District[]

Barrowe Street[]

Barrowe Street2

Barrowe Street sign in the sewers.

  • Second street sign encountered by Corvo in the sewers during his escape from Coldridge Prison. Just at the end of the tunnel that has the Lackwa Boulevard sign.

Lackwa Boulevard[]


Lackwa Boulevard street sign.

  • The first street sign found upon entering the sewers. It is on the left side of the tunnel past the closed off area where two City Watch Guards get eaten by rats while searching for Corvo.

Reform Street[]

Reform Street2

Reform Street.

  • The third street sign Corvo comes across in the sewers after his escape. It is located in between a dead couple found in each other's arms and a large open area where workers are illegally dumping bodies rather than taking them to the Flooded District.

Tower District[]

Kaldwin Boulevard[]

Wyrmwood District[]

Darrellson Street[]

  • This street marks the northern border of Wyrmwood District. All City Watch's patrols stop here, for fear of the Sixways Gang.

Mandragora Street[]

  • A street that intersects with Wyrmwood Way. A fierce battle took place here, between the Sixways Gang and the Overseers. Dozens of Overseers were killed.

Wyrmwood Way[]

Main article: Wyrmwood Way
  • A street in Dunwall where sellers of fringe science and occult artifacts set shop. The place is often raided by Overseers due to the illicit nature of its activities.[7]

Unknown Location[]

Arran Avenue[]

  • Rothwild Whaling is located at number 12 on this street.[8]

Barrowe Street[]

Barrowe st dunwall tower

Barrowe Street sign at Dunwall Tower.

Fenster Way[]

  • A street mentioned in Arnold Timsh's eviction list. The Dracos family lives here, and their Estimated Liquid Assets are 1,200 coin and their Property Value, 22,700 coin.[3]

Finfick Lane[]

  • This is one of a pair of streets mentioned during a conversation between Arnold Timsh and Melissa when the barrister is attempting to coerce the servant to spend the night with him. According to Timsh, weepers have been reported here. Due to the description, it appears Finfick Lane is located to the east of the Timsh Estate and Law Offices, but exactly where is not defined.

Framling Street[]

  • Referenced by the Heart when used upon a female civilians.[9]

King Street[]

  • A brandy takes its name after this street.

Market Street[]

  • This is one of a pair of streets mentioned during a conversation between Arnold Timsh and Melissa when the barrister is attempting to coerce the servant to spend the night with him. According to Timsh, weepers have been reported on this street. Due to the description, it appears Market Street is located to the east of the Timsh Estate and Law Offices, but exactly where is not defined.

Martin Street[]

  • A street in the area N254 of Dunwall where Hemlock from Baleton can be bought for pharmaceutical uses.[10]

Oxblood Way[]

Parliament Street[]

Patterson Street[]

  • A street lies to West of Kaldwin Bridge, on the southern side of Wrenhaven river.[13]

Thyme Street[]

  • The Beddlers live on this street. Their Estimated Liquid Assets are 4,600 coin, and their Property Value is estimated at 51,500 coin.[3]

Treavers Alley[]

  • Mentioned in a conversation between Captain Curnow and High Overseer Campbell as an area where an unfortunate event took place resulting in Treavers Alley becoming a "sea of blood and teeth."
  • Cited by the Heart as where Slackjaw and his gang started out.[14]

Vessler Close[]

  • The Cartwright family lives here, but their assets and property value are negligible.[3]


Street sign

The covered street signs.

  • There is a Barrowe Street sign inside an apartment on Bloodox Way in the Distillery District. It can be found in a side room accessible only during House of Pleasure in the back of the apartment, covered partially by some rags.
  • There is a known street named Izgrev Pass that is in Tamarak, Tyvia. It is the only street mentioned in the franchise not from Dunwall or Karnaca. At 175 Izgrev Pass is Tam[a]rak Manufacturing, the company that manufactures the copper wire found throughout the city.
  • In the texture files, there are black and white versions of each street sign in the texture files, though only one version of each is used in-game.
    • There are also several streets which signs are not used in-game: Beacon Street, Bitterleaf Street, Framling Street, Gibbling Street, Handler Street, Loveton Avenue, Strummthur Lane, Tanger Way and Thresh Boulevard.
  • The signs for Greasely and Lackwa Boulevards are incorrectly abbreviated "Bvld". This mistake is not present on the other signs in the game.