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Street Musician Banderra

The musicians on Bandera Passage.

The Street Musicians are a couple of performers found throughout Karnaca in Dishonored 2 and Dishonored: Death of the Outsider. A woman playing the violin and a man playing a Serkonan guitar, they play popular songs for bystanders in the streets or in local establishments. Listening to each of their songs in Dishonored 2 unlocks the Songs of Serkonos achievement.

Dishonored 2[]

The street musicians are first found near the Bandera Passage rail car station in the Campo Seta Dockyards, performing "The Coup" for shoppers. They also carry with them the lyrics to "Watery Grave". They reappear in the Crone's Hand Saloon in the Dust District, playing "Silver and Dust" for the Howlers, and also have the lyrics to "The Sands of Serkonos". They can be found one last time at Amparo Plaza in the Palace District, playing "Born in the Month of Darkness" for the residents but also carrying the lyrics to "Jewel of the South".

Harming or killing any of them will prevent them from appearing later on. Also, if all of the black market shops were robbed up until The Grand Palace mission, the plaza they should appear will instead be the scene of an ambush by the Howlers.

Death of the Outsider[]

The street musicians can be found performing "The Coup" to residents of Upper Cyria on a belvedere near Malveros Victory Plaza during the mission Follow the Ink. The female musician also traded her bowler hat for a cap.


  • Each song the musicians perform were written by Ravi Krishnaswami, produced by Copilot Music + Sound and performed by John Benthal, Lev Zhurban and Brian Slattery.
    • Of the 6 songs, three are performed during missions, "The Sands of Serkonos" is played during the game's credits and the last two are exclusive to the deluxe original game soundtrack.
  • The singer who provides the voice for the female violinist is also the same woman who performed "the Drunken Whaler" for Dishonored.[1]
  • The male performer uses a model for the Hatters from Dunwall. Also, both wear a melon hat, a distinctive feature of some of the Hatters in Dishonored 2.




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