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Stinging bolts are a type of crossbow ammunition introduced in Dishonored 2. Stinging bolts are filled with distilled mercury vapor that is injected into the target upon impact. The target will instantly feel an intense itch, which will quickly become a painful burning sensation. They will flee the scene, forgetting and ignoring any suspicious characters.

With the Mercury Vapor Distillation Blueprint and 250 coins, Corvo Attano and Emily Kaldwin can unlock stinging bolts at black market shops, where they can be purchased for 50 coins. They may also be looted from some disarmed booby traps, as well as found around the world.

If Emily or Corvo are hit by a stinging bolt, they will be knocked backwards slightly, but will otherwise be unaffected.

Usage tips[]

  • Stinging bolts can be used to make guards leave the area, opening up an empty path to a stealthy protagonist.
  • If the protagonist is detected by a single target who does not have time to alert others, a stinging bolt allows the protagonist to safely continue on their journey as if they had not been detected.
  • Using a stinging bolt makes the enemy forget they have seen the protagonist, but will still lock the achievements Ghostly and Shadow if the protagonist was detected before the bolt took effect.
  • If used during combat, a stinging bolt is a quick way to remove one of the combatants, though they will have to be dealt with later.
  • Nearby characters will ignore the cries of a stinging bolt's victim, allowing the protagonist to neutralize an enemy without arousing suspicion.
  • The effects of the stinging bolt are temporary, so a victim will eventually return to the area.
  • Nest keepers are not affected by stinging bolts.
  • If the bolt hits an enemy's helmet, it might not affect them, instead alerting the enemy or enemies to the protagonist's presence.


  • Stinging bolts were named "Burning Venom" during the game's development.[1]
  • Stinging bolts leave an orange trail behind them during their flight.



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