Wasteland Joe

  • I live in The Wasteland
  • Bio Xbox Gamertag for Fo76: GiraffeKi11u
    Online sporadically.

    I am skilled in the lore and history and can answer most questions pertaining to all of the Fallout games, even including most of Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.

    I have a fair amount of knowledge of Elder Scrolls lore, having researched and read nearly all the sources I could find, and having played all of the games except for Morrowind (for now), but I'm still trying to wrap my head around the deep lore and complex mythologies of the series.

    Defending Fallout: Tactics' semi-canonicity since 2197

    Friends list -
    Muggy215 (He likes mugs, I think)
    InkyDinkyDo (Level 683, wow!)
    Ice Cold Quantum (Fellow Redwaller)
    UrbanAnge1 (Lurk team)
    CollinTheCourier (A mysterious being)
    TheBEASTisnear (Doesn't like holy water)
    I am the Falcon (*Eagle noises*)
    NewRGI (Lives in Holland)
    Azuraschampion2 (RP buddy person)
    SpiderSplicer (Plasmid junkie)
    The Courier NCR for life (Supports NCR, I hope)
    Starkiller111 (Fallout 1 and 2, woohoo!)
    SSJ3Rusticus (A very cool moderator)

    For the Minutemen!
    NCR and proud!
    God bless the Enclave
    Hail Sithis!
    A Man chooses, a Slave obeys...
    Shall we gather for whiskey and cigars?

    1-800-RITUALNOW (as sponsored by TheBEASTisnear)

    After finally taking the time to look through all my posts, I have determined that I joined this wiki on October 14th, 2015.

    Also after looking through my posts, apparently my biggest post was one about how I didn't use power armor, which got 63 upvotes, and 533 replies.

    Wastelander Joe is my doppelgänger. Such an odd coincidence. He's never around anymore though, so I guess it could just be an alternate name for me.

    For posterity:
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