A near-complete souvenir wall, missing only Mrs. Pilsen.

This article is about the collectible items. You may be looking for the achievement.

Souvenirs are items found in all of the missions in Dishonored 2. Displayed around the protagonist's desk in the Dreadful Wale's guest quarters, collecting all of these souvenirs gives the achievement of the same name. Some are picked up in the missions, while others are received by performing certain actions.

List of Souvenirs

Mission Souvenir Location
A Long Day in Dunwall A small boat carved by Samuel Beechworth. Picked up from the Imperial Safe Room in Dunwall Tower.
Edge of the World A helmet of a member of the Grand Serkonan Guard. Collected by killing or knocking out an Elite Guard wearing a helmet.
The Good Doctor A syringe. Earned by injecting Alexandria Hypatia with the antidote to her condition.
The Clockwork Mansion The head of a Clockwork Soldier. Received by destroying at least one Clockwork Soldier.
The Royal Conservatory A broken whalebone sword. Procured from a display cabinet above the office of the curator of the Royal Conservatory.
Dust District A silvergraph of Meagan Foster's skiff approaching the Campo Seta Dockyards. Found on a wall in the Modotti silvergraph studio in the Dust District.
Dust District Corvo Attano's Blade Verbena trophy. Located behind a crumbling brick wall in the ruins of Paloma Attano's apartment in the Dust District.
A Crack in the Slab A calendar of 1849. Obtained by collecting it from the wall of the music room in Stilton Manor.
The Grand Palace A small wood carving of a gazelle. Acquired from a table in the locked vault at the Grand Palace.
Death to the Empress Mrs. Pilsen. Situated by the bed in Dunwall Tower's Imperial Safe Room.


  • The silvergraph was taken during the mission Edge of the World. As such, it changes depending upon whether it was Emily Kaldwin or Corvo in the skiff at that time.
    • However, the silvergraph was not taken by the silvergrapher who is taking pictures of the Addermire Institute as she is in the wrong location. The person who took the silvergraph cannot be found, neither can their equipment.
    • The silvergraph does not change after A Crack in the Slab if Aramis Stilton was knocked out, continuing to show Meagan with a missing forearm.
  • As the protagonist does not return to the Dreadful Wale after the game's final mission, Mrs. Pilsen is the only souvenir not to appear on the souvenirs wall in the protagonist's quarters.
  • In the achievement's description, souvenirs are referred to as "decorative objects".
  • In the Outsider's recreation of the Dreadful Wale in the Void just before the mission Edge of the World, Samuel's carved boat is not on the shelf, even if it had been picked up in the Imperial Safe Room by the protagonist. In the later recreation of the Dreadful Wale, the shelf is furnished by all the collected souvenirs.

    Incomplete souvenirs wall with the Imperial Assassin's Pack.

  • Collecting the gazelle head will give the special action Haunted by the Past.
  • It is not necessary to collect any of the numbered plates on the Clockwork Soldiers to obtain the souvenir – simply destroying them is sufficient.
  • The Serkonan guitar, bone charms and book added by the Imperial Assassin's Pack are on the desk by the souvenirs, but neither affects the other.


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