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''Lady Winslow - [heirloom]''<br />
''[[Aristocrats|Lady]] Winslow - [heirloom]''<br />
''Baroness Finch - [heirloom]''<br />
''Baroness Finch - [heirloom]''<br />
''Doctor Marcolla - [heirloom]''<br />
''Doctor Marcolla - [heirloom]''<br />

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Solution to Jindosh's Lock is a written note found in Dishonored 2.


Lady Winslow - [heirloom]
Baroness Finch - [heirloom]
Doctor Marcolla - [heirloom]
Countess Contee - [heirloom]
Madam Natsiou - [heirloom]


The note is given to Corvo Attano or Emily Kaldwin by either Vice Overseer Byrne or Howlers leader Paolo after bringing one his enemy's body.


  • Each time, the heirloom each character owns are randomly selected from the following list:
    • Snuff Tin, War Medal, Bird Pendant, Ring, Diamond.
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