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A soldier.

Soldiers are members of the Gristol Army found in The Knife of Dunwall. They act as guards alongside the City Watch outside the Timsh Estate, as well as General Turnbull's personal guards during the mission Eminent Domain.

They are rather weak enemies, without any noteworthy abilities. Their fighting style is similar to that of City Watch Lower Guards. They also have a similar appearance to Lower Guards, with only uniform colors differing between the two classes.


  • The Gristol Army has its barracks in Whitecliff.[1]
  • Given that Generals Turnbull and Tobias also wear red uniforms, red seems to be the official color of the Gristol Army, as opposed to the Gristol Navy's navy blue uniform worn by Admiral Farley Havelock.
  • Emperor Alexy Olaskir's personal guards are also described to wear sharp, bright red military jackets. They also wear fur-trimmed tricorns, with a tall, colored pennant rising from one edge.[2]
  • The Army is divided into battalions and regiments, for example: 2nd Battalion, The Queen's Regiment.[3]
  • Turnbull's men hold the rank of "private".
  • In his short tenure as Lord Regent, Havelock claimed the title of Supreme Commander of the Combined Armies of the Empire, taking de facto direct authority on both the Army and the Navy.[4]