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Solarium Schedule is a book found in Dishonored 2.


Lumino-therapy appointments for the morning of 2nd Day, Month of Timber, 1849, approved by Dr. Vasco.

Mrs. Anita Cardona: 2 hours

Mr. Roberto Garcia: 5 hours
Serve Mr. Garcia some valerian tea to ease his cough every hour. Please schedule a session for him this afternoon as well.

Mr. Andrew McAlistair: 2 hours

Mr. Emilio Molinero: 2 hours

Ms. Lucia Pastor: half an hour
The Patient is pregnant and in very weak condition, be sure not to exceed the prescribed time. Apply some leche thistle lotion before and after the session.

Mrs. Camilla Durante: 2 hours


This book can be found in the Recuperation wing in the room with tanning boxes on the third floor of Addermire Institute, during the mission The Good Doctor.