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Bloodfly Study Art

Sokolov's Notes – Bloodfly Study is a written note found in Dishonored 2.


I've wondered whether I have another book in me. The bloodfly epidemic, coupled with basic information on life cycle and behavior, might make an excellent project for this old natural philosopher.

- Bloodflies are exotic insects, unlike anything else found in Serkonos. I suspect they originated on the Pandyssian Continent.

- In groups of 3 or fewer, they are harmless. Individuals won't attack, leading me to speculate that each emits a scent that has a collective effect on larger numbers of bloodflies.

- Bloodflies are attracted to rapid movement and sound.

- Their nests can be broken apart, scattering the swarm. And in particular the nests are quite susceptible to fire.

- The insects require fresh corpses to lay their eggs, which hatch in breath-taking fashion, after a very short time. More corpses in a Serkonan city, say during a crisis or plague, mean more bloodflies.

- Interestingly, in the last part of a bloodfly's cycle, they calm a great deal. Leaving the swarm, they molt, causing the wings to drop off. Afterward, each bloodfly lives a solitary existence. Very odd.

- Bloodflies are largely restricted to the South, preferring warmer climates. Like certain aging natural philosophers.


The note can be found in Sokolov's quarters aboard the Dreadful Wale following the mission A Long Day in Dunwall.