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Simmons is a minor character featured in The Knife of Dunwall during the mission Eminent Domain. He can be found by the Wall of Light right before the entrance to Legal Plaza in the Legal District.


Simmons grew up in poverty near Crows Court off Brambly Street and survived on food given to him by the well-off children of the area.

Later, Simmons joined the City Watch and, during the events of The Knife of Dunwall, is a Lower Guard under the command of City Barrister Arnold Timsh. His duties include patrolling the area around the Wall of Light near Pudding Street, as well as assisting in the eviction of plague victims; this includes anyone the Barrister deems to be infected - even those who are not.

Under Timsh's orders, he is tasked with removing the Forrestals, who turn out to be the parents of the very children who aided him in his youth.

The Knife of Dunwall[]

Shortly before Daud's arrival to the Legal District, Simmons came across a mysterious man during his patrols, who wore a steel mask as a disguise. Even then, Simmons seemed to recognize the disguised man as someone who had done business with the Barrister, though he did not know the former aristocrat's name. He locked Roland up inside the abandoned building at the corner of Pudding Street, later informing his superior officer.

Simmons voices his concern at having to evict his former benefactors to his superior, explaining that there was no sign of the plague among the Forrestals during the previous week. The Watch Officer then berates Simmons, telling him that he is lucky to have his job, as the Officer's previous duty involved clearing out weeper dens and dealing with hordes of rats. As Simmons continues to protest, his superior threatens to have him transferred to his old squad. At this, Simmons finally relents, even saying he knows a back way into the Forrestals' home.


  • Simmons appears to be more kind-hearted than the typical Lower Guard, as he appreciates the aid given to him by his past benefactors and apparently still visits with them, since he mentions seeing the Forrestals only the previous week.
    • His kinder nature is also evidenced by the fact that he merely detains Roland rather than roughing him up or killing him.
  • Besides the typical City Watch Sword given to all Lower Guards, Simmons also carries the 'Watchman's Key' which accesses the building in which he imprisoned Roland.