Shindaerey North Quarry.

"Some days stone, some days iron. Shiver, then still. Air tastes like blood, then nothing but dust."
—A group of rats

Shindaerey North Quarry is a mine on Shindaerey Peak. The mountain itself is a weak spot, where the world and the Void have merged to become one.[1] This has affected the mine to such a degree that both it and the surrounding North Quarry Town were entirely abandoned, their very existence eventually forgotten by all except the Cult of the Outsider. Billie Lurk visits the quarry during the mission A Hole in the World.


In the early days, Shindaerey North Quarry was nothing of note, until the discovery of thick veins of silver, with reports saying that even a slight pickaxe stroke would uncover silver worth thousands of coin. Mining claims on Shindaerey Peak were purchased very quickly, but larger companies, such as the Shindaerey Mining Company, still had vacancies. The Karnaca Gazette actively encouraged people to go there.[2]

As time went on, many workers began to report hallucinations including the air splitting apart,[3] headaches, memory loss[4] and flashes of light. These hallucinations become larger, with some workers hearing entire conversations by people who were not there,[5] and one worker screaming when her entire house disappeared. Progressively, more miners were reporting strange occurrences, such as tunnels suddenly appearing and entire sections of the mine disappearing for hours on end.[6]

At the same time, the air quality in the mines reached a hazardous level. Many miners choose to leave Shindaerey North Quarry, and those that remained threatened to strike. Berenice Castiglia, a representative of the Shindaerey Mining Company, said that the accusations of poor air quality were unfounded, and that counselling was available to all miners affected by hallucinations.[4]

Eventually, the entire mining complex began to disappear for days at a time, and its inhabitants lost sense of what was real and what was illusion. Eventually, everyone had fled and the mines were abandoned,[6] and over time even those that had been there forgot all about it. By 1852, the Serkonan Cartographic Society was unaware of the existence of Shindaerey North Quarry.[7]

As the link between the world and the Void posed no problem from the Cult of the Outsider, they expanded their base of operations, joining their library with the North Quarry.


DotO North Quarry

The entrance to North Quarry Town.

Access to North Quarry Town is from the Shindaerey North Quarry Terminal Station on the rail car line. To the left of the entrance archway is the shower block, and the dormitories are located above the passage leading to the quarry proper. While many of the buildings in North Quarry Town are blocked up, one was a store before.[6]


The entrance to Shindaerey North Quarry.

Passing through the passage underneath the dormitory takes one across a train line and to the entrance Shindaerey North Quarry itself. The main area of the quarry is protected by a combination lock. The quarry's main building is to the left, and includes a large storage area / workshop, with some offices and showers in some of the smaller interior rooms. In the upper floor of the main building is the ore processing room.

Beyond the gate is the main area of the mine. The main quarry train line splits into four here, a sawmill is off to one side, and a weight-sensitive lift is built into one of the walls. The lift will not operate without the equivalent weight of three or more people. A tunnel at the top of the lift leads to the ore processing room, and the entrance to the Cult of the Outsider's library is in this area too.


  • Wild wolfhounds can occasionally be found roaming North Quarry Town, but the Cult of the Outsider prevents any from entering Shindaerey North Quarry itself.
  • If Billie listens to groups of rats at the quarry, they often talk about the transformations that occur there.
  • Operating the lift gives the special action Basic Engineering.
  • Residents of North Quarry Town include Adrastos, Connor, Niall, Siobhan and Juana Gallardo.[3][5][6]



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