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A river krust in the sewers.

Sewer Capacity in the Month of Nets is a book found in Dishonored.


[Excerpted interview attached to a formal report - By City Works Crew 17A]

I been asked to tell the problem, so here it is.

It's been every year that we work like men gone mad during the Month of Nets. I don't hardly see my family. It's bad enough that the works is clogged with trash from the catch, pieces of crates and nets, but the water smells of hagfish guts too. We got to get it done before the Month of Rain, or you know what.

And it ain't like we get help from those pricks in Civil Engineering, either. Been at this job for nigh on 28 years and I ne'er see one of 'em come below, except to measure will it hold when they go puttin' up one of their fancy new bridges.

So these last 3 years been the worst and here's why. It's the river krusts, moved into the works. We hear a man ahead yell and scream, like he's burnin' up, and we all climb up fast. No other choice.