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Servants at the Boyle Mansion.

Servants are civilians that serve as hired help in various locations throughout Dunwall and Karnaca, most often in the Empire's aristocratic households. The Boyle Mansion has the largest staff of servants on hand, but servants can also be found in the Offices of Dr. Galvani, Anton Sokolov's Safehouse, Dunwall Tower, the Timsh Estate and Law Offices, Stilton Manor and so on. While the Hound Pits Pub maintains a small staff, only Lydia Brooklaine is classified under the servant character class.


  • A servant at the Galvani Residence can be heard conversing with a City Watch Guard about their upcoming wedding.
    • A different servant at Dunwall Tower can also be heard speaking to an Officer with whom she is romantically involved, though their dialogue implies their relationship is more secretive.
  • While the Heart mentions Waverly Boyle's liaisons with servant boys, there are no male servants present at the Boyle Mansion.[1]
    • Only one male servant is present in Dishonored. He can be found at Dunwall Tower in the kitchen and uses the model of an aristocrat in black clothing. Unlike other servants, he is not instantly scared of Corvo Attano.
  • Arnold Timsh tries to coax a servant at his estate, Melissa, to spend the night with him.