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Serkonos on D2 map

A map of Serkonos.

Serkonos is the southernmost of the four main islands of the Empire of the Isles. The capital city of Serkonos is Karnaca, on the southern coast. The isle is known for its warm, tropical climate and vast beaches. It is ruled by a Grand Duke. The principal police force of Serkonos is the Grand Guard.


Serkonos has always been more a group of developed cities than a unified nation, unlike its sister Isles. Each of its four main cities used to either deal with invasions of marauders from Gristol, raids of pirates, or even be in open conflict or alliance with each other. Saggunto saw a strong ruling dynasty starting with Lady Ximena which eventually collapsed over a century. Eventually, a king rose in Karnaca and rallied both Saggunto and Cullero to his kingdom, while Bastillian became part of a duchy in Gristol. However, the same monarch repeatedly led his people into armed conflict with Gristol, which provoked the animosity of the Serkonan nobility towards him.

During the War of Four Crowns in the 1600s, a cabal of nobles and merchants led by Duchess Mila and Duke Matias of Aventa seized control of the city of Karnaca with the help of the Grand Guard, back then the local city watch. They then rallied the other Serkonan cities to their side, starting with Bastillian which then inspired Saggunto and Cullero to follow, and ousted the King of Karnaca and his family. Finally unified behind the Kingdom of Karnaca, Serkonos joined the newly formed Empire of the Isles after Tyvia and before Morley, the only hold-out left against the Empire's expansion. Since then, the Dukes and Duchesses of Karnaca have been protecting their kingdom's empty throne and representing the entire island in the Empire.[1]

In the late 1700s, the unity of Serkonos was threatened by tensions between the various regions of the island. The benevolent Duke Theodanis Abele was able to bring peace back, starting once again with Bastilian swearing fealty first and the other cities following. His rule brought prosperity and innovation to Serkonos. [2][3]

The people of Serkonos are affiliated with the Abbey of the Everyman, in particular the Oracular Order. The first High Oracle from Serkonos placed an oracular chapel there before she was murdered by "agents of the Outsider."[4]

At some point in the history of Serkonos, the Grand Serkonan Canal was built, allowing passage from Gristol and the Northern Isles to Serkonos' Southern Coast. Much of it was funded and built by settlers from Gristol.

It is noted in The Isles of Serkonos that pirates frequently target trading ships traveling from Serkonos to the rest of the Isles. The small archipelago to the east of the island has been the home to said pirates for generations. By 1837, they were attacking whaling trawlers returning to port with large quantities of whale oil.[5]

By 1849, Theodanis's son, Luca Abele, serves as the duke of Serkonos.[6]


Serkonos is well known in particular for its cuisine, which consists largely of spiced dishes—travelers to Serkonos often return home with recipes from the island. One known dish, which can be found and consumed throughout Dishonored, is the Serkonan blood sausage. Saggunto Flatbread is also common. The isle also thrives both in fishing and agriculture. The Santiago Fisheries sells throughout the Empire Fermented Redshark, Bluejawed Hagfish Eggs or even Banded Crab. Several varieties of fruits are known to grow on the island.[5] Red and white grapes as well as plantains are common, while the city of Bastillian grows peaches and figs. Lastly, Serkonos is known for its delicacies such as the popular Razina Rosewater Jelly and Padilla Pear Soda, Lazarillo Pickled Salamanders and Candied Beetles, or Serkonan honey cake.[7] Orbon Rum is also a popular strong alcohol.

The nation is perhaps even more noteworthy for its traditional dances, passed down to Serkonan children early in life. They are described as "sensual" by the author of The Isle of Serkonos, and are "copied by the fashionable aristocracy in the capital city of Dunwall."[5]

The island is a frequent destination for travelers from around the Isles; according to The Isles of Serkonos, "a month spent resting beneath the sun of the beaches of Serkonos, or within one of the rural villages, can cure most maladies." The city of Cullero sees the majority of travelers from the Isles, but Karnaca is favored by the elites of the Empire.[5]

Several allusions are made to an abundance of trade between Serkonos and the other nations. At least one Serkonan brand (Cullero Cigars) is seen advertised in Dunwall; a guard in the Dunwall sewers can be heard stereotyping Serkonans as "nothing but merchants and whores"; and a letter found near the Golden Cat notes that the sender has received a position with the Horizon Trading Company in Karnaca, the only such business mentioned in the game.


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  • Corvo Attano and Daud originally hailed from Serkonos.
  • An Old Serkonan poem titled "Death in the Month of Songs" alludes to a "disease from the East" which kills in a matter of months. This may infer some awareness of the rat plague long before it overtook Dunwall.[9]
  • Serkonos is an analogue of the countries of southern Europe, such as Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece. Based on commentary from the developers, some parts of Serkonos, particularly Karnaca, are based off the Caribbean and Latin America (namely Cuba).
  • The city of Karnaca has its own special police, called the "Grand Guard".[10] It is part of the military and serves as an equivalent to the City Watch. The Grand Guard is fronted by chosen officers of the Duke.[11]
  • Corvo can consume Serkonan grapes and blood sausages to regain health.
  • In "The Royal Conservatory" it is stated that Serkonan umberwood is a valuable export.
  • Serkonos' capital, Karnaca, serves as the main setting of Dishonored 2.
  • The Parade of Fishmongers and the Gleaners' Feast are two festivals that are known to take place in Serkonos.
  • Known dukes and duchesses of Serkonos, all members of the Abele Family, include Lisandra Abele, Mayelin Abele, Cadmus Abele, Theodanis Abele (1775-1847), and Luca Abele (1847-1852).
  • At the end of Dishonored 2, if all factions are dealt with in a specific way, Corvo can be appointed Duke of Serkonos by Emily.
  • A letter from Daud to an assassin in the Flooded District misspells Serkonos as Serkonas.