Semblance is a supernatural ability in Death of the Outsider. Granted to Billie Lurk by her Black Shard Arm, it allows her to appear and sound as any person whose image she has stolen.

Usage tips

  • In order to take another's appearance, Billie must find them and steal it. Appearances can be stolen by using the power on a conscious or unconscious person, but not a dead one.
    • If used on a conscious person, they will immediately be knocked out.
  • If any individual becomes suspicious of Billie, the illusion is broken.
    • Suspicious actions include attacking people and not being where she should be.
    • Enemies will become suspicious if they spot an unconscious body and later see Billie pretending to be that person.
  • Semblance only alters Billie's visual appearance to others. As such, wolfhounds are not fooled, able to smell her instead.
    • The bone charm Familiar Scent does not work perfectly in conjunction with Semblance. Wolfhounds that are looking at her will be able to tell who she is, but they cannot detect her if she is out of their field of vision.
  • Billie is still able to run, jump, attack and all of her other natural abilities. However, if anyone sees her doing anything suspicious, the illusion is broken.
  • It takes a few seconds for Billie to take the appearance of another.
  • Semblance only works on people.
  • As Billie literally holds the information in her left hand, she cannot use any weapons or other abilities. Switching to something else will break the illusion.
    • Being in her right hand, her sword can still be used.
  • Semblance does not take any Void energy to activate, and only consumes Void energy only when Billie is moving. If she is at a stand still, it does not use any Void energy, but nor does it regenerate.
  • Billie can use Semblance again while in the form of another as many times as she likes. However, she will eventually run out of Void energy as it does not regenerate if she chains Semblance.
  • Billie can choke out and kill enemies while using Semblance, but if she is seen doing so, the illusion will be broken.
  • Semblance will blacken the target's face, therefore it cannot be used on the same target again if it ends. Try moving the body to a desired place before taking form of it.



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