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This page lists Quotes overheard by Billie Lurk when using Semblance in various locales throughout Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.

Impersonating a Grand Guard[]

Grand Guards[]

  • "I miss the old district. Upper Cyria is so snobbish."
  • "No, don't ask me again, the answer's still no."
  • "We should gather for whisky and cigars tonight."
  • "You look like crap. Still get those nightmares, I guess?"
  • "Nothing to report, Sir." (regular guards only)
  • "Lieutenant." (regular guards only)
  • "As you were." (officers only)


  • "Officer."
  • "Thank you for keeping this neighborhood safe."

Impersonating a Middle-Class Civilian[]


  • "I have nothing to say to you."
  • "Please just go away."

Impersonating an Aristocrat[]


  • "I'm thinking we need another evening at the Rhum Club."
  • "I've half a mind to organize another theater outing."
  • "Every day things are a little bit worse here, even for the upper class."
  • "If I look familiar, it's because several of the best painters in Serkonos have made my portrait."
  • "We should rent another boat sometime soon."

Impersonating an Overseer[]


  • "The smell of burnt whalebone is really the worst. I'm glad there is only paper left to destroy."
  • "May the Strictures always guide your hand."
  • "Hm? Sorry, I need to focus on the task at hand."
  • "We're doing important work here. Is it bad that I feel so proud?"

Oracular Sisters[]

  • "You are forbidden from our sight. Leave us, brother."
  • "Brother, you've strayed. Return to your post."

Impersonating an Oracular Sister[]

Oracular Sisters[]

  • "Have you heard from our sisters in Morley? I hope their troubles are resolved."
  • "Ah, there you are. We must issue our pronouncement on the Empress's actions as soon as we can."
  • "The Abbey has been greatly weakened since the coup. We must gather our strength, before our enemies strike again."
  • "I don't know what to make of the latest visions. They worry me."
  • "Let Sister Rosewyn know if any Overseers disturb your work."


  • "Sister."
  • "It's an honor to help the Oracular Order in this investigation."
  • "Forgive me, I didn't mean to be in your way."

Impersonating a Cultist[]


  • "May the Void blacken your eyes."
  • "May the Eye watch over you."
  • "Don't overburden yourself what that research of yours. I've seen your lamp burning long after midnight."
  • "I need another drink. To forget that dream, you know?"
  • "Whales swim in my visions, leaving blood in their wake. I wonder what it means."
  • "That bonecharm I had the other day? It still smells like a bloated dog. Let me know if my clothes stink."
  • "I have questions about your latest work. Let me know when you're free to discuss it."
  • "I've been hearing the winds of the Void in my head, even in my sleep. Always glancing. Cold. I can't focus on anything."

Passing by[]

  • "I thought I... Hm, nevermind."
  • "Why do I have goosebumps all of sudden?"
  • "Ooh, what was that chill?"

Canceling Semblance[]

  • "What?! How can you change your face?"
  • "What is this black magic?! Show your true face, monster!"


  • The phrase "We should gather for whisky and cigars tonight." is a direct nod to a similar phrase: "Should we gather for whiskey and cigars tonight?" that was uttered repeatedly by Dunwall City Watch Officers.