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An Overseer, deep in contemplation.

Selected Sayings of the Overseer is a book found in Dishonored 2 and Death of the Outsider.


"Let not the eyes linger upon pretty things. Better to pluck them out than to rest them long on temptations."
Sayings of the Overseers, 114

"One heretical thought leads inevitably to more, as a single errant weed soon overtakes the field of wheat."
Sayings of the Overseers, 401

"Know this: There is only one path. It is the job of the Outsider to convince you there are many."
Sayings of the Overseers, 31

"The duty of the tongue is to speak the Seven Strictures, all else is heresy."
Sayings of the Overseers, 18

"Burn the non-believers from your midst, for they are a blight upon the earth."
Sayings of the Overseers, 534

"There are among the guises of the Outsider: the orphan with outstretched hand, the strumpet with luscious words, the scholar with copious tomes."
Sayings of the Overseers, 103

"The heretic cannot be redeemed, except by oil and flame."
Sayings of the Overseers, 211

"Beware the starving hordes, for they hunger for more than sustenance. In spirit they are destitute. In judgement they are lacking."
Sayings of the Overseers, 140

"Live in silence. For a single untruth or misspoken word can lead to ruin many times its magnitude."
Sayings of the Overseers, 76

"Do not accept to the invitation of the Outsider. The drink he offers is poison, and on his hearth death simmers."
Sayings of the Overseers, 41


The book can be found in numerous locations:

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