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A corpse cart.

Security Work Log is a book found in Dishonored.


[Excerpt from a security work log]

For the next couple of days we're

going to quadruple the rate of drops from the plague wagon. This inevitably means we're going to get a growing number of plague carriers who play dead in hopes of escaping. So here's the plan to keep the Rudshore Gate area secure.

Step one: Set up some arc pylons in the courtyard behind the hotel. We have a street blocker up there, but we can't weld it shut. We still need to use that route to access the river, which means plaguers can too.

Step two: Put up a barrier between Thresh Street and Old Mosley Canal.

Step three: Install more lights, especially to illuminate the hotel and surrounding buildings.

You might be tempted to borrow the oil tank from the pylons to get the floodlights working. DO NOT. We will need these pylons active and the back court secure.


  • The book can be found on a table next to the shut down floodlights in Rudshore Gate during the mission, The Flooded District.