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Secret Letter to Brother Harold is a written note found in Dishonored 2.


Good Brother Harold,
Last week when we talked, oh what a state I was in. It was good of you to take me aside and lend your advice. I have taken it to heart and I know you are correct. Yes, I will need to be purified through ritual.

Ah! What a road I have ahead of me! I know it well, for you may not know, but I endured the ritual once before - but three years ago! Though I was young and strong, I came within an inch of death!

If I may impose upon you once again, would you be so kind as to not mention our conversation to anyone? I will arrange for the ritual, of course, very soon. Though I confess, ever since our talk I feel much better. No comparison to that agitated state in which you found me. Peace and clarity have returned to me. Truly, I do feel better.

In all things,
Brother Chester


This note can be found in Amadeo Monte's apartment beside the wall of light on Overseer Harold's belt during the mission Edge of the World.