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Captain Blossom.

Captain Scott Blossom is a City Watch Officer stationed at Arnold Timsh's estate in The Knife of Dunwall DLC. He can be found in the mission Eminent Domain.


Blossom is in charge of security around Timsh's house, including the placement of alarms.[1] He seems to be friendly with Timsh and, as is revealed in a conversation between the two, his relationship with the Barrister is more than professional, as they have gone fishing and hunted gazelles together in the past, and Timsh speaks with him casually, calling him "Scott".

The Knife of Dunwall[]

Two notes authored by Blossom can be found around the estate - one in which he complains to the kitchen staff about his dinner, and another in which he notes that the chamber pots are out for cleaning, telling his men to "refrain from pissing all over the bare wood," implying later that the incident has happened before.

He is authoritative and demanding in both of his letters, giving some insight into his personality and how he deals with the City Watch.


  • Blossom is labeled as the "Estate Captain", and his identity can only be determined through conversation between him and Timsh.
  • Captain Blossom's model is that of a City Watch Officer, but he wears the gray tunic and blue jacket similar to that of a naval officer.