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DotO Santiago Vista

The Santiago Fisheries district.

The Santiago Fisheries are a major business in Karnaca, producing various canned seafood for Serkonos and the Isles. They occupy a whole district on the west side of the bay.


Santiago Dry Docks

The dry docks at the tip of the district.

The Santiago Fisheries are located on the western side of the Karnaca Bay, south from the Aventa Quarter. The fisheries have several dry docks for whaling trawlers, docks to anchor before departing through the Grand Serkonan Canal, as well as three large pools for live catch.

Acantila Repair Station[]

Acantila Front

The Acantila station from the docks.

The Acantila Repair Station is located on the southernmost area of the fisheries. Billie Lurk, upon her return to Karnaca, anchored the Dreadful Wale by the station's docks in order to avoid drawing attention. This remote workshop for rail carriages also provides her with a ride to access the rest of the city through its extensive rail system.


  • None of Santiago's products appear in Dishonored 2, despite the fisheries being mentioned in the game.
  • Cans and bocals of Santiago seafood were conceptualized for Dishonored 2 but do not appear in the game.