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Safe Contest Combination is a written note found in Dishonored 2.


I set the combination to [three digit number].

Yes, we're going to keep running the safe contest. Maybe no one comes into the shop, or maybe a dozen people come in, like we had during the Parade of Fishmongers, five years ago.

And, I promise, none of these thick-skulled dock workers or their course wives are going to guess the combination.

We just run the contest to bring people into the shop. And if we're lucky, they talk about it over beers with their friends, or at family dinners. See, since they don't know what's inside, they fill in the blanks. They imagine something as grand as the treasure reserves at Dunwall Tower. We need the business, so keep the signs up, and stay polite to the knuckleheads who try to open the safe.


It can be found in the cash register at the Winslow safe store near Addermire Station during the mission Edge of the World.


  • The combination is random.
  • The note refers to a competition the Winslow Safe Company is running, where the person who opens the safe gets to keep whatever they find inside it.