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The Void.

Séance Notes is a book found in Dishonored 2.


Month of Songs
Lady Cottington brought silk scarves from her boutique, one of which Mr. Prospero used to gently strangle her. I maintained a count of her pulse and observed her breathing. When the life signs faded, we left her still for two full minutes before reviving her.

Was it really the Void she described? Have we succeeded in seeing the unseeable?

My hand trembles as I recall the intensity in her eyes, as she struggled to recount with broken voice what she felt during those two minutes.

Month of Earth
I convinced our little group that less gentle methods were needed if our desire to meet the Outsider was sincere. Bloodfly fever, voluntarily induced. That will be our way to the Void.

After procuring a few bloodflies and some Addermire Solution, we coated our hands with elixir before exposing them to vivarium. The stinging was unbearable. Lady Cottington fainted immediately. I was the last one to remove my hands.

The fever was quick to set in. As I faded in and out of consciousness, ocean waves pounded above me. There were silhouettes in the distance, and shimmering black rocks. A timeless passing, in an unthinkable place, while delirium held us for hours.

I must get back there as soon as possible, when my wounds have healed.


The book can be found on a desk in the room below the shrine during the mission The Clockwork Mansion.