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A rune.
"A thousand years ago there was another city on this spot. The people carved the bones of whales into runes and inscribed them with my Mark."
—The Outsider

Runes are decorated pieces of whalebone that are used to acquire and improve supernatural abilities; the more powerful the ability, the more runes it requires. The Outsider claims that the first runes were created centuries ago by an ancient and long gone civilization, saying that many of the runes in Gristol were found washed up from the river.[1] The crafting of runes, by both natural[2] and supernatural[3] means, has continued throughout the ages into the present day.

Corrupt Rune Menu

A corrupt rune.

There are also corrupt runes, created from dried kelp and algae, pigment made from flowers, and the bones of a human who died in terror and with regrets. These powerful runes allow for spells far beyond those possible with usual runes, but must be balanced out by a normal rune. If this is not so, the spell can go disastrously wrong.[4] It is not known whether or not these runes can be used to upgrade supernatural abilities.

In Dishonored, a maximum of 39 runes are obtainable in a single playthrough, but 58 would be needed to upgrade every ability to Tier II. Therefore, Corvo Attano must assign them according to the approach he favors the most.

In The Knife of Dunwall and The Brigmore Witches, 30 runes are available, yet Daud requires 46 runes to fully upgrade his powers.

In Dishonored 2, 47 runes total may be collected from the maps and more may be crafted with the Craft Runes upgrade for the Bonecharm Crafting ability, while 111 runes are needed to fully upgrade the protagonist's powers. Should Emily Kaldwin or Corvo refuse the Outsider's Mark, they will sell any runes they find to the black market for 200 coin.



Available mission Map Location
First meeting with the Outsider. The Void Given at an Outsider Shrine.
Any time after meeting the Outsider. The Hound Pits Pub Available in Piero Joplin's store.
High Overseer Campbell Hound Pits Pub Reachable by swimming/using Blink along the shore.
Distillery District In Granny Rags' backyard with an Outsider shrine.
On the second floor in Granny Rags' house, after completing her first quest.
On the second floor in Granny Rags' house, after completing her second quest.
In a bunk in the final section of John Clavering Boulevard.
Office of the High Overseer On the wall in the meeting room.
In Campbell's secret chamber, locked in a glass case.
Back Yard In the workshop, accessed by breaking the window on the roof, pickpocketing an Overseer, or possessing a rat and going through the drainage.
House of Pleasure Hound Pits Pub In the sewer after the two weepers, in a chest.
At exactly the same location as above, but in the water, after the bars.
Dr. Galvani's offices Third floor, in his secret laboratory, where the rat viscera was in the previous mission.
Art Dealer's Apartment

Third floor, in his safe.

  • The combination can be obtained by electrocuting Bunting in the Silver Room of The Golden Cat.
  • The key can also be collected/looted from his ex-servant at the stairs between the bottom street and final section of Clavering Boulevard.
    • Alternatively, the door on second floor is not locked.
The Golden Cat In a building between the main road and the Golden Cat, top floor.
Easier to reach if accessing the map through the Captain's Chair Hotel.
Second floor of the Golden Cat, in the room next to the main staircase.
Two guards will be inside talking if the City Watch has not been alerted to Corvo's presence.
In the room next to where Emily Kaldwin is being held, with a courtesan inside tidying up.
The Royal Physician Southern Bridgeway After Corvo exits the warehouse, in an apartment facing the railway. The main door is blocked, and the room can be entered from behind, or by shooting the door at close range with a pistol.
Drawbridge In Pratchett's safe in his house. A hint for the combination is found in a note in the same room and three paintings in his house, each with a number on it.
The house beside Pratchett's, with a man yelling on the balcony and a dead body. The rune is on an Outsider shrine.
Midrow Substation The house Corvo is in as he enters this map, on a table.
North End In Anton Sokolov's laboratory on top of his estate.
Lady Boyle's Last Party Estate District In a weeper-infested apartment on an Outsider shrine. There is also be a bone charm in the nearby room. Note that the three weepers can make things difficult if Corvo doesn't want to be seen.
In the end of the waterway leading out to (presumably) Wrenhaven River.
Boyle Estate In the underground vault, which can be accessed by possessing a rat or getting the key from Lydia Boyle's room (the one separated from the other two).
Return to the Tower Hound Pits Pub In Corvo's room if he spares at least one Boyle sister. There will also be a message beside the front door of the pub stating this.
Find Emily after speaking to Callista Curnow. She will either be in Corvo's room, below her tower or beside the Abandoned Apartment.
Lord Treavor Pendleton will give one to Corvo if he dueled with Lord Montgomery Shaw during the party.
Exterior In the bunkhouse next to the Tower entrance.
In Hiram Burrows' safehouse on top of the Tower. Although it is in the Exterior map, Corvo must navigate through the Tower to reach it. Burrows will be in the same room if he has been alerted to Corvo's presence.
Dunwall Tower In the torture chamber on the Outsider shrine. Guarded by the Torturer and his wolfhound.
In Burrows' bedroom, stored in a chest.
The Flooded District The Refinery On the wide open plain. Note that the position is within some river krusts' attack range.
Central Rudshore After opening the door leading to the sewer with Daud's key, immediately before reaching the exit.
Gateway Tunnel On top of an apartment in the slum. Corvo will probably come across if he blinks toward the train.
Old Port District In the sewers, in Granny Rags' new home, on an Outsider shrine. Corvo will need the sewer master key, which is on Granny Rags, to open the door. It is possible to steal it, kill/knock out Granny Rags, or kill Slackjaw for the key.
In the sewer where a group of survivors reside. Drop down the hole in the middle to reach it. Note that these survivors will become weepers in high chaos.
The Loyalists Hound Pits Pub Second floor in Piero's workshop, on the table.
The Light at the End Exterior In Kingsparrow Gatehouse. Corvo will have to enter the drainage from the maintenance room.

The Knife of Dunwall[]

Available mission Map Location
A Captain of Industry Rothwild Slaughterhouse
Automatically given to Daud by Billie Lurk at the start of the mission.
Above the main entrance to the Slaughterhouse, blink up the guard house on the side, then up to the railing above the entrance.
A gift from Granny Rags that requires Daud to obtain the ingredients for Granny's Recipe, and bring them to the floor located above the Slaughterhouse Yard Gate.
Rothwild Slaughterhouse Located high up top in the warehouse, in an alcove with a dead man. It can also be accessed through the Warehouse entrance by powering the crane and climbing the chain.
Located in a maintenance tunnel that connects the Killing Floor to the Refinery. Can only be obtained if pre-mission favor is purchased.
Located in the Whale Harvesting Room, near the power source for the electrical switch. There is a desk holding the rune.
Eminent Domain Legal District Waterfront Located under the ruined bridge near the entrance to the Legal District only if the pre-mission favor is purchased.
Located near the gate that separates the Estate District from the Legal District, climb the chain down to the waterfront, and enter a small warehouse for the rune.
A gift from Granny Rags that requires Daud to follow the steps of Granny's Recipe.
Legal District Found in the abandoned apartment of Arnold Timsh's former associate (Apartment 07), behind a painting.
Found in the apartment of the cultist woman in league with Timsh's former associate (Apartment 10). Knock down a bookshelf to find an Outsider shrine with a rune.
Located inside Timsh's estate in the room with the statue of Delilah.
Located in a locked chest on the main floor of Timsh's estate. The chest can only be opened with Timsh's key, located on his person.
The Surge Flooded District

Located in the top floor of Daud's Hideout in the same room as Overseer Hume. The rune is in a locked chest at the foot of Daud's bed that can be opened with Daud's own key.

In the room housing the Overseer's Assault Plans in a building opposite Daud's Hideout. The rune is in a crate near the plans.

The Brigmore Witches[]

Available mission Map Location
Choosing Your Mark Daud's Base In Daud's equipment chest.
On top of a bookshelf outside the main room.
A Stay of Execution for Lizzy Coldridge Prison On the drained river floor, at the bottom of the stairs. Requires favor.
On the desk in the interrogation room.
The Dead Eels Drapers Ward Streets In the canal, by the storm drain. Requires favor.
On the wall in the Dressmaker's apartment.
In the mechanic's apartment, by completing the Recreate Granny's Wedding side objective.
Drapers Ward Riverfront By the Outsider shrine, accessible through the underwater tunnel.
In the weeper area on the docks.
Drapers Ward Textile Mill Inside the mill, in the Dry Storage room.
Drapers Ward Sewer System On the Outsider shrine in the ventilation room.
Delilah's Masterwork Brigmore Manor Exterior On top of the small building. Requires favor.
In an open safe half sunken into the ground near the right corner of the manor.
In the back yard, collect river krust pearls and use the sink in the dilapidated building to complete the Granny's Spell side objective.
Brigmore Manor Interior In a chest in the attic room with several of them.

Dishonored 2[]

Available mission Map Location
Edge of the World The Void Two on the Outsider shrine after the Heart is received.
Dreadful Wale Inside a sunken wreck near the Dreadful Wale.
Campo Seta Dockyards In the mouth of a whale carcass pulled ashore.
Sold by the black market shop for coin.*
On a table next to an Overseer preaching to a small crowd of people.
Inside the safe located on the third floor of the Overseer Outpost.
Behind a wooden plank inside a drainage pipe in the center canal. The plank must be shot and broken to access it.
Two on an Outsider shrine inside Amadeo Monte's apartment.
The Good Doctor Addermire Institute Two on an Outsider shrine inside the VIP apartments on the fourth floor of the Addermire Institute.
On a wall mount inside the Addermire Institute Dining Room.
Inside a bloodfly nest in the Recuperation Room.
Inside a small enclave at the top of Addermire's tower, accessible through a vent from the outside.
In the Lost and Found room in the basement of the Addermire Institute, accessible by breaking the elevator suspension links and passing through the hole it leaves at the bottom of the elevator shaft.
The Clockwork Mansion Lower Aventa Two on an Outsider shrine on the second floor of a bloodfly-infested apartment.
Sold by the black market shop for coin.*
At the back of the Lower Aventa carriage station, surrounded by a Howler ambush.
Upper Aventa On the second floor of a bloodfly-infested apartment in Upper Aventa.
Clockwork Mansion On a modular platform in Kirin Jindosh's laboratory.
The Royal Conservatory Cyria Gardens Sold by the black market shop for coin.*
Two on an Outsider shrine in a derelict apartment filled with traps.
Royal Conservatory In the Royal Conservatory archives, in the basement.
In the office lounge on the second floor of the Conservatory.
On a terrace outside the fourth floor, adjacent to Ashworth's office.
Dust District Dust District On the first floor of the derelict apartment where Meagan Foster is met.
On the second floor of a bloodfly-infested apartment adjacent to the Crone's Hand Saloon.
Crone's Hand Saloon Two on an Outsider shrine in Paolo's third-floor chambers.
Overseer Enclave Inside the locked confiscation room on the second floor.
A Crack in the Slab Aramis Stilton's Manor (Primary Present Timeline) On the second floor of the manor, above the entrance foyer.
Inside a flooded portion of the manor's basement. The entrance to the flooded room as well as the nearby crank wheel used to drain it and access the rune are in the past.
Aramis Stilton's Manor (Past Timeline) On the second floor of the manor, inside a barred Silvergraph room. The room can be accessed through the alternate present timeline, or by attracting the attention of the guards within.
Dust District (Alternate Present Timeline) In an alcove inside the cusp of a large wooden windbreak.
The Grand Palace Palace District Two on an Outsider shrine in a cave near the black market shop.
In Claudio's bloodfly-infested apartment overlooking Ravina Boulevard, below the windmill.
Grand Palace In a flooded basement passageway, accessible through the secret cellar chamber or from boarded-up entrances on the outside of the palace.
Inside a locked safe in the First Captain's office.
Death to the Empress Tower District Sold by the black market shop for coin.*
Two on an Outsider shrine in an apartment overlooking the Tower District. The shrine is in a secret room that can be accessed by activating a wall-mounted barometer.
Dunwall Tower Front Yard Underneath the stairs in the pump control room.
Dunwall Tower Interior On a set of pipes in the Tower security room.

*Black market shops do not sell runes in No Powers Mode.


Description Sound effect
A 'hissing' rune.
Sound when picked up.


  • Marked on the runes (under and around the Outsider's Mark) is also light etchings of the zodiac; Cancer, Scorpio and Libra can be seen, along with other astrological signs.